I'm doing my happy dance (even though my husband thinks I'm wacky!) because I just got off the scale and I've completed the Crosstrainer Challenge with 13 days to spare - WOOHOO! I've done it - … [Read more...]

T-Minus 20 Days


Is it me, or is December the HARDEST month in which to stick to an excercise plan? When the days start getting really short and it's dark at 5:00 p.m. I have to really drag my bottom into gear to work … [Read more...]

The Home Stretch

27 days to go

It's been a bit of an uphill battle to track this week so I didn't know exactly what to expect. I find I'm forgetting to eat. (Me, who experienced constant intense food cravings for years!) The … [Read more...]

Skinny Jeans, Here I Come!

nov 19

Look who's back in the game...  ME! We're at "T" minus 34 days and counting until the CrossTrainer Challenge wraps up. I was a little worried after the vacation gain, that I wouldn't make my goal … [Read more...]

Back in the Game

As you may know from previous posts, I've been steadily losing pounds since August while doing the CrossTrainer Challenge. Only, I hit a speed-bump towards the end of October / beginning of November … [Read more...]

Paying the Piper…


Hello all, I'm back from two weeks work/vacation in Arizona... My conference was phenomenal and our subsequent tour of Arizona was just incredible. In terms of training, I have good news and I have … [Read more...]

Travel Training

Hey everyone, It's almost the end of week 9 of the CrossTrainer Challenge and my biggest challenge yet lies ahead... I'm going on a trip for the next two weeks and will have to eat and train on the … [Read more...]

Surviving Thanksgiving

october 16 2013

Hi again, It's Wednesday mid week and we are over half way to the finish line.  I had a great thanksgiving with family and friends, but I ate something that caused a pretty heavy reaction.   I am … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks

Oct 2 2013 284

It was Thanksgiving  in Canada this past weekend and my family and I celebrated with the traditional Thanksgiving feast so I was a little worried when I stepped on the scale this morning. While I … [Read more...]

Half-way there!

Yay!!!! I've reached the half-way point to my weight goal with 75 days to go in the CrossTrainer Challenge. Here's my weigh-in: Ten pounds in seven weeks feels pretty great :D! While I've … [Read more...]

Pushing on

Hey all, hope you're keeping well. It's weigh-in time again.  I've been working very hard at the CrossTrainer Challenge and it's really starting to pay off. Before I got on the scale this morning, I … [Read more...]

The dog days…


Well the dog days of weight loss continue.  We are just over five weeks into our challenge and the weight continues to slowly come off.   On a cool note I got a new book called 'Wheat Brain'... … [Read more...]

I’m a loser baby…

Sept 25 Weight Graph

As I mentioned in my last post, I really upped the intensity of my cardio workouts plus I increased the weights in my strength-training. By the time the weekend rolled by, I was so sore and tired that … [Read more...]

Closing out the first Four Weeks


It's been a hectic week so my post is a bit late.  I continued to bike with a few treadmill and strength days thrown in between.  The weather is starting to change, much colder in the mornings, I can … [Read more...]

Stepping on the gas

weigh in

Hey all, hope you had a good week? I did...too good! We spent the weekend up at a friend's cottage. I had brought healthy munchies and was willing to let myself indulge a little bit; but my firm … [Read more...]

Inching along

Wow! It's hard to believe three weeks have flown by.  Here is today's weigh-in: So, I'm already past my first month's goal of 5 pounds at a total loss of 5.5 pounds - with another week to go. … [Read more...]

The Heat is On…

greg sept 10

Three weeks have past and I'm still on track.  I've had a few weak moments but I have stayed away from potato chips and all things with wheat.   It looks like I am between 212 and 213 lbs, so cheers … [Read more...]

Shaking things up

Hey there, I took a bit of break from blogging last week, but I still hung in there on the CrossTrainer Challenge. Well, I did miss one day of training (unavoidable) but that's life. The important … [Read more...]

Keep on keeping on

Weigh- in this morning and here are the results: So I'm still on track and ready to rock and roll on week 3. Come to think of it, I've already hit my 1-month goal in just 2 weeks … [Read more...]

TheBoomerang Effect


Well I started out this past week sticking to my workout like tape on a hockey stick, by Wednesday I had come down with a bad cold.  By thursday it was moving down into my lungs.   I drank lots of … [Read more...]

My skinny jeans…

Skinny Jeans

You know, there are a lot of ways to measure success but, for me, the real triumph in this CrossTrainer Challenge is going to be fitting back into my "skinny jeans". Here they are, a beaten up old … [Read more...]

Neck and neck…

Well, week one flew by and it's time for my weigh-in (drum roll please)... Hey, I'm happy with that, I'm almost 1/4 of the way to goal!  I know I won't lost that much every week but it's a … [Read more...]

Time to Break the Scales :)


Well, after a week of activity and good eating (no potato chips :)  I get to weigh myself in.   I can say I did workout consistently and can already feel the start of change in my body. There … [Read more...]

Monday motivation


Mondays have always been tough for me. Something about flinging yourself into the workweek bright and early after a low key weekend just seems harsh and my poor brain has a tough time waking up.  Ah … [Read more...]

Surviving a family bbq

Hello All. Yesterday my sister and her husband hosted a family gathering complete with a delicious steak bbq around the pool. So I thought I'd share how I (at least) survived the … [Read more...]

Back in the saddle again


I hopped on the bike this morning for maybe the fifth time all summer. It was a gift from my husband in June and I truly enjoyed it the first few times out (in spite of the inevitable saddle sores) … [Read more...]

Oh the pain!


Pain....I woke up sore all over, which makes it really challenging to move on to my lower body workout this morning. I tell ya, for me, rowing is the ultimate form of cardio because it pretty much … [Read more...]

Entering my lunch in CrossTrainer


Hi again everyone.  I just made a delicious lunch that I thought I'd share with you, plus I video'd how to enter it in CrossTrainer to show how easy it is. ZUCCHINI CASSEROLE (adapted from my Mom's … [Read more...]

Dusting off the ol’ rowing machine


It's really sad to think that I literally had to remove clothing from the beautiful Concept II rowing machine stashed away in my laundry room. I decided that today was the day to "put the boat back in … [Read more...]

Weigh In

My four month challenge goal is to weigh in at 195 lbs by Christmas.  I currently weigh 220lbs so this means i need to lose 25 pounds in total or 6 pounds a month which works out to roughly a pound … [Read more...]

The numbers don’t lie…

tape measure

I know that a few months from now I'll be laughing at this but, at the moment, it doesn't seem too funny... I took my measurements this morning and the stark reality of being at the bottom of the … [Read more...]

My CrossTrainer Challenge Starts

getting ready!

Sitting in front of a computer programming for the past twenty some years has not been kind to me, my health and conditioning has been all over the map.  Although I have no major health issues, I have … [Read more...]

Facing the music


Hi all, Kathy here. Well, I finally did it. After months (or dare I say, years) I got back on the scale this morning to face the music.  The good news is, the scale didn't break. The bad news is, I'm … [Read more...]

And so it begins….

Kathy 2000 after

Years ago, in 2000, I test-piloted CrossTrainer for my brother Greg and the results were totally amazing. It was that crazy magic that happens when the rubber meets the road and you actually follow … [Read more...]